Introducing MiTab

The mobile phone to tablet solution

Lets face it, everybody has a smartphone these days. As these devices become more enabled to handle tasks that were once the domain of laptop computers, we find ourselves in need of an intermediate sized solution. This up until now was usually a tablet.
MiTab presents an alternate way of thinking that lets any smartphone realize its full potential.


The big picture

More space in an instant

Forget about syncing and installing on multiple devices or computers, everything you do on your mobile screen is echoed on a 10.1” diagonal touch screen. Just insert the your device inside the unit and go.

Rugged and Dependable

From the office,
to in the field

The MiTab unit will protect your device from elements like dust and water and is shock resistant to drops under four feet. With an ergonomic design and a convenient handle, it is easy to grip and control.

Share in a group

The device agnostic advantage

Not being tethered to brand or model has the advantage of allowing instant usability in any situation. No worry about installing cross platform software. No worry about syncing devices. No lost time due to interface unfamiliarity or set up. Just plug and play.


unit dimensions : 6.75” x 14.5” x 1.5”
power : internal rechargeable battery and adapter (future plans for host phone charging)

Ingress Protection Rating : 67

Integrated microphone

Integrated speaker

Tactile volume control buttons

Dual-touch screen

Supports bare hand and glove touch and gestures

Supports electronic stylus pen

8 tablet buttons (Power, Recents, Home, Back, Volume +/-, Brightness +/-

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